Quality Assured

The Cambridge ACCESS Centre aims to provide a high quality service, from your first contact with us, throughout your visit and in any follow up. We expect the highest standards of conduct from all our staff, and one of the ways in which we can continue to improve our services is by listening and responding to the views of students.

However, in the unlikely event where you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, we wish you to know that..
If a problem does arise, we will treat the complaint seriously, quickly and fairly.
We will respond in the appropriate way, with a detailed response outlining, where necessary, actions we will be taking.
We will respond within 5 working days from the date complaint is made.

We often send anonymous feedback forms to our students as they help us refine the services we offer.

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How to make a complaint?
You can make a complaint in writing or by e-mail. If you are emailing, please state if a reply by e-mail is required and if not, please provide a full postal address. Your complaint should be addressed to the Centre Manager at the following address:

Centre Manager
Cambridge Access Centre
7 & 9 Orwell House
Cowley Road
Cambridge CB4 0PP
Tel: 01223 223701
Email: info@cambridgeaccesscentre.com

If you are not satisfied with the outcome and believe that the complaint was not handled properly, a review can be requested. At this stage all relevant information will be passed to the Director of Student Services at your home institution.

If you wish to further escalate the complaint you can request the complaints manager at the auditing body DSA-QAG to investigate. Full details of this procedure can be found HERE Please note that making a complaint to DSA-QAG should be seen as a last resort after all other procedures have been escalated and exhausted. Even then QAG may determine that the specific complaint does not fall within its scope. QAG does not, for example, handle complaints relating to content or recommendations of assessment reports. Complaints of this nature will need to be made to the appropriate funding body.